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So many prayer candles at the feet of the Virgin of Guadalupe!

I passed by Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Santa Barbara, CA the other day. I just had to flip a U-Turn for a visit with the Divine Mother who was double-gate protected but with hundreds of glowing prayer candles and bouquets at her feet. I was standing there wondering if this was a typical Sunday when I was over-taken by the powerful heat and waxy smell bathing my face. The energy and heat of the prayers of the people were rising up to greet me as I myself stood in prayer basking in the mutual admiration The Mother and I have for one-another.  The Mother appears when you need her the most and teaches you of the unconditional, deepest well of Love and connectedness available to you. The magic of life is that the realm of the Universal Archetypes are always available to assist us in our dance with Life. We call on them and they come to us by way of the dream, a poem we read, a gift from a friend, the pages of a magazine, the random billboard we notice, or the little catholic church we happen to pass by because we got off of the wrong freeway exit to some other destination. We know deeper aspects of ourselves through them, and they beckon us to emulate them – offering us more fully to ourselves so that we can be more fully ourSelves in the world.

As I stood praying before the Virgin of Guadalupe, I felt my prayers rising up also, ensconced within the warm smoky wax of the collective prayers to the heavens. There’s power in the collective.

The Divine Mother - She Beckons Me

It is natural for me to hold loving space for people, in prayer. A deeper gift for me is to know that infusing prayers with the pure consciousness of Reiki literally unites them with Pure Source energy.

I have a dream of collecting The Prayers of the People as a part of my Reiki practice and creating a Reiki Prayer Tree. As Inspired by Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, I will collect wishes for peace, dreams, intentions and prayer needs.

  • Prayers are gathered weekly and infused with powerful, focused, healing Reiki
  • You can send as many prayers as you like, and know that your prayers will be regularly infused with Reiki while under my care ~ and then released to Spirit. The energy always goes where it is needed. The Reiki does its light-work.
  • As I collect the prayers, I will be attaching them to a Wish Tree – The Reiki Prayer Tree — The actual tree is yet to be discovered!
  • The intention of The Reiki Prayer Tree is that all are welcome. Reiki is inclusive of all, not a religion but a spiritual practice of channeling Rei (Universal) Ki (Life force Energy) in service of well-being and wholeness, individual and collective.

Let the prayers, wishes, dreams and intentions of the people rise up to the heavens.

Blessings ~ Peace. Love. Om. Amen.

**Please link over to the Reiki ~ Prayer Tree page for instructions about posting or sending your prayers.**

Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree for Washington, DC