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Reiki Attunement is for those who wish to embody the Reiki (Source Energy) on behalf of their personal healing and growth as well – as well as for their family, home, work, projects, and service. People in positions of leadership, caregivers, and service professionals such as masseuses,  chiropractors, hospice workers, nurses  — often become depleted by giving away too much of their personal life force energy or empathically taking on too much energy from others.

Blocks and Issues begin in your Energy Field – and can be cleared with the assistance of Reiki

Reiki is a complementary therapy that provides self-strengthening and self-awareness tools that protect one from becoming depleted by the drive to over-give. The Reiki empowers an individual for the channeling of Source energy on behalf of healing self, people, planet.

Reiki Practitioners are lively community of diverse people, globally – who serve Life with Reiki

Reiki Workshop :: First Degree Reiki Attunement is scheduled for June 2 – for those who wish to be initiated into Reiki. It is for all who resonate this energy healing modality. I call this workshop –  “Initiation into Self-Healing” ~ Reiki Level 1 Attunement — with the emphasis upon calling in your resources and Source energy to heal and clear that which no longer serves. The Energy knows where to go and works intuitively with each individual as they call it in and intentionally open the channel for deep, self-healing. Beginning here empowers and equips the grounds the individual with more of themselves for those whom they love, care for and serve in life.

Reiki enables and equips you in cultivating your unique healing presence – the healing presence only you can offer with your beingness

I also have a schedule of appointment times for those who simply wish to receive and be cared for, nourished, uplifted – as well as those seeking health, balance, clarity and well-being with my assistance.

It Begins Within

My philosophy is focused upon – “It begins within”  — and that we are all empowered to set the stage for our own personal health and well-being. Reiki is kind of like a re-set button which gently guides an individual to a personal homeostasis whereby they can more easily hear the messages their body/mind/spirit are telling them. It also deeply relaxes allowing for optimal healing and well-being. From there, one can experiment, play and discover as yet undiscovered inner and outer resources.

I am honored to channel the Reiki — and walk alongside on the journey assisting how I able – as we are all in this together.

Source Energy is Just Good Medicine

Blessings and Love

Stacey Medicine Woman