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I was roaming around in this beautiful store here in Santa Barbara and began chatting with some tourists visiting from Iceland – a couple in their 60’s visiting our little wonderland, part of their California itinerary. It was a very sweet encounter and I was answering as many questions as I could – they were very lively and happy to be here.

When I think of Iceland – I usually think of two unrelated things … Yoko Ono’s homage to John Lennon — the Imagine Peace Tower — and the brilliant documentary Inside Job. Did I mention they are unrelated? But I don’t usually think of Reiki when I think of Iceland … or at least I didn’t before now…

During our conversation we began talking about Reiki – she told me that her 98-year-old mother refuses to take any of her prescribed pharmaceuticals – but instead, she insists on Reiki every night before she goes to bed! This happy tourist in her 60’s seemed so proud of her mother, a Reiki practitioner who spends time every night giving Reiki to herself – and – who has been giving Reiki to herself every day for the last 30 years. The doctors have given up trying to get her to take her prescribed meds. This elderly Reiki practitioner adamantly refuses!

She has developed a confident relationship with the Spirit of Healing that is Reiki to prefer its efficacy for herself over any drugs the doctors may prescribe for ailments that seem to come with the aging process.

I have a very personal reason for loving this story – and believe me, I am not advocating that everyone drop their doctor prescribed protocol and use only Reiki instead (I offer Reiki as a complementary therapy – and honor that each individual is in charge of their own health and wellness protocol). I love that this powerful 98-year-old woman in Iceland is taking a stand on behalf of herself. They could have shared that she meditated, or did yoga every day, instead of taking her meds ~ because that’s what she believes in! She simply does not want the pharma-chemicals in her body.


This is “normal” in the U.S. for our aging population

On the other side of the spectrum — to our left here is the pharma-cocktail my sweet 88-year-old mom-in-law was taking every day, several times a day just prior to her transition in October of 2010. I could not understand how her barely 5-foot frame could handle all of this. It’s like her body became a big experimentation lab for Big Pharma – and what I got was that the doctors are often “just trying things.” One pill might help one issue but exacerbate another, so, another pill is prescribed to counter-balance the previous and so on. Add to that, mom-in-law’s belief and reliance upon them and you have a “working” relationship.

This was her conditioning – she used to look up all of her symptoms in a doctor’s journal and tell the doctor what she thought he should prescribe to her based upon her findings. She was strong in her own way – she wanted to have a say in her well-being and to let the doctors know that she knew more than they did as to what was happening in her own body. I couldn’t help but wonder — if my mom-in-law had known how to take charge of her health earlier on in her life, would she have made different choices and been able to gain a sense of well-being without all of the big pharma-chemicals?

We are learning so much today – the people are rising up and waking up. There is more information than ever available (also more to weed through) about how to really nourish one’s body/mind/spirit. It’s all there for your pursuit and discernment.

In presenting the two opposite experiences – I think this story for me, is a story of hope. I was so sad for my mom and so unhappy with the medical system she was beholden to at the end of her life. I will always think of this 98-year-old Reiki practitioner in Iceland who takes care of herself in the most gentle, holistic, non-invasive, nourishing manner every day. I feel the same about this 93-year-old master yogi ~ Tao Porchon Lynch.

It’s really about the choices you make earlier in your life that lead you down one path or the other. Are you making empowered choices now. I’ve wimped out here and there, believe me! But I also seem to have a guidance system that causes me to see the profundity in stories such as theseĀ  —

That these two women from a much earlier era were making enlightened choices 30 years ago, that have led them to health and vitality in their 90’s ~ and that my sweet mom-in-law spent the last 20 years of her life on varying degrees of pharmaceuticals – her choice

…and to ponder the importance of choices – each day – it’s never too late to begin.

Blessings, Love and Ju-Ju for the Journey

~Stacey Medicine Woman