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Allowing Exchange of Reverence

Allowing Exchange of Reverence

Living in Santa Barbara where Ocean and Mountains are basically ten minutes away depending upon which direction you point yourself, I have been so moved and mesmerized by the absolute generosity of the Universe. The waves are crashing, the tides are ebbing and flowing, the bees are buzzing and pollinating, the snakes on the hiking trails are rattling, the hawks are circling in pairs, owls are hooting — you get my drift. It is all here for me to observe and enjoy.

As the clock struck mid-night last night – I was struck by how peaceful and calm I felt… nodding to the Universe for the partnership I feel in (co)creating my path – in all of my humanity.

Two years ago today I rang in the New Year in Santa Barbara, a guest at a friend’s house. Just shy of three weeks later, I would roll into town having packed my household into storage, put my beloved dog to sleep, and having let go of my mom-role as I knew it. My heart was broken (open).

What would unfold as I made my way in Santa Barbara is a mixture of grace and stumbling, tears, fears, many a synchronicity and continual leaps of faith. I would often feel like a big dog in a house full of cats, stumbling my way around awkwardly and bumping into things, losing my shit a few times – and discovering that even then, I was O.K. There is a freedom to that.

I would meet new friends and playmates, I would discover a fascinating and surprising new career, I would ponder my purpose in this post-mom reality and get used to the fact that my sons are young men. I would partner with people on their personal healing paths and channel Reiki for them. And mostly I would learn to Allow…

Allow assistance from friends – old and new, allow new friendships into my life, allow old friendships to either flourish or fall away, allow the un-layering of brittle energy and fears that had accumulated over the previous few years, allow myself to be held and contained, allow transformation into a renewed relationship with Life… Allow the unexpected. Simply Allow. Simply Receive.

I began to allow Life (Light) back in…

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in. ~Leonard Cohen

There is freedom in this act of releasing into Life as it is. The work is in the meditation of “as within, so without” — Beginning with the reality of what is within – allows for true transformation and freedom. Guiding your awareness to your real self gives you the ability to release the energies of resistance as you notice them — little by little as you are able. Any time you feel that little ache or clenching in your heart or gut or jaw or head (it’s all in the body), you can guide your awareness there to release it.

The beauty of relationship with Life is the natural exchange with what is. Feel all. Live (and love) your humanity. And if you can find your way to this most natural practice in 2014 — Practice Allowing. Practice Receiving… and find your way to this most generous exchange with the Universe.

I find that what is asked of us is to take notice. In that state of appreciation is a pure exchange of goodness with life, love and all that is. Get out there today – this first Day of January 2014 – and simply notice the magnitude of all that surrounds you.

From that place – Go for it! Scheme, dream and walk in the grace of renewed inner purpose and knowing. Find yourself with that little secret smile on your face – the one that bubbles up from the heart that is between you and God(dess)…

Blessings from the Universe – and a Happy New Year! I am blessed to walk alongside and share this fascinating journey of life with you.


Stacey Medicine Woman