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All is Energy! So tell the story of exuberance and guess what — The whole universe will lean close and listen!  Leigh J. McCloskey

Stacey Cavin, Independent Reiki Master/Teacher, Guide

Private Inquiries ::

Keep Updated :: Stacey Medicine Woman on Facebook

 Book appointment for Reiki Treatment :: email, or 805.325.3605 with a few appointment options that work for you — see below options. There is some flexibility based upon your timing needs, so please feel free to communicate with me.

Office Location:  El Mercado Center, Upper State Street –  The Office of Susan Dritsas M.A., M.F.T                                 

4141 State Street, Building C – upstairs,  Santa Barbara, CA  93110

Appointment Times :: Please inquire for specific times. I will confirm it with you. I am available Tuesdays through Saturdays* 9:30 am to 7pm by appointment at the office, or I can come to your home.

                                                *Except Saturday Workshop Days

May the healing energy flow through me for your highest benefit and the highest degree to which you are able to receive.

Your Wisdom is Your Medicine. Blessings from Stacey Medicine Woman

2 thoughts on “Contact + About”

  1. please place this wish for healing my plysical problems, incl dementia/dyslexia and breast tumor on tree. Also a second wish to remove blockages to receive money to pay immediate bills and to be able to purchase a property and retire without money worries. thank you carol

  2. Shi'pi'shi'wish said:

    Hello Stacey…I am of the Coastal band of Chumash Indians,Medicine family,Wisdom-Keepers,History-Keepers. My Mother,Grand-Mother,Great Uncle,Uncle & Great Grand-Fathers were/are all medicine men,women & Shaman of my tribe….
    I see you call yourself “medicine woman”…may I ask who your teachers are & how you came to be a “Medicine woman” on Chumash land?
    Sincerely…a real Coyote.

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